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Top 3 Best Mechanics Gloves

If you’ve spent time under the hood of a car you know how dirty it can be. Not only that but there are hundreds of edges and hard pieces of metal lurking within just waiting to cause you pain. For a Shadetree Mechanic, gloves are just another tool in the trade used to serve a…

car lift

Should You Install A Lift In Your Home Garage

A vehicle lift can prove itself to be a great tool to have. They can save money in the long run, help a mechanic to do a job easier and quicker, and even save your body from unnecessary injury. But should you have one in your garage? There are both advantages and disadvantages that come…

Using Anti-Seize

When You Should Use Anti-Seize and When You Shouldn’t

There is a time and place for nearly all things and using Anti-Seize Lubricant is no exception. While this can be a great product to have is your garage, it has a specific application that should be followed. So how, why, and when should Anti-Seize be used and not used? What Is Anti-Seize? Anti-seize lubricant…

Brake Bleeder

How To Bleed Brakes By Yourself With and Without Special Tools

When you are first starting out as a home based mechanic you often find yourself in a position of working alone and sometimes without all the proper tools. However, a shadetree mechanic quickly learns how to get by with what they have. Many jobs can be done without the perfect tool for the job although…

Draining Motor Oil

How To Properly Dispose Of Used Motor Oil

One thing that prevents many would-be shade tree mechanics from changing oil at home is the problem of getting rid of the used motor oil. This isn’t as big of a problem as you might think. So how do you properly dispose of used motor oil? Used motor oil can be properly disposed of in…

mechanic under car

What Is A Shadetree Mechanic?

Growing up around garages, cars, and car people the term Shadetree Mechanic got thrown around quite a bit. Whenever I heard it the sentiment was positive, it was always in reference to one’s own description of themselves or someone they admired. So what is a Shadetree Mechanic? A Shadetree Mechanic is someone who works on…